All the psychologists at the centre are competent to do assessments for the following

  1. Early diagnosis of Pervasive developmental disorders and Autistic spectrum disorders
  2. Learning Disabilities and ADHD
  3. Mood and Psychotic disorders
  4. Behavioral Problems at school or at home
  5. Neuropsychological assessments (Lobe functions)

Each psychologist at the centre is equipped to handle a diverse set of problems but also has his/her own specialization.

Collectively we are equipped to do the following

  1. Neurorehabilitation
  2. Cognitive and behavioral interventions
  3. Remedial Teaching and Education Plans (in liaison with schools)
  4. Support groups for parents
  5. Occupational therapy
  6. Physiotherapy

Oncology and Haematology rounds

Oncology, as well as Haematology day care rounds at the Sahyadri hospital, Karve road branch were undertaken since 2010, by psychologists at the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health, Child Guidance Center. A psychologist works with a patient battling cancer, and their family to provide them with support and strategies for pain management. Some therapies used:-

     1.Relaxation therapy – breathing techniques

     2.Cognitive behavioral therapy

     3.Coping skills are some of the therapies

Paediatric Rounds

We visit the branch at Karve Road twice a week to work with children suffering from various medical complications. We uptake a creative all round approach which along with therapy includes puppets, arts and crafts, singing, watching videos and playing games. 

Services at Peripheral Hospitals  

Our team of psychologists as well as our speech and occupational therapists visit peripheral hospitals of Sahyadri at Fatima Nagar, Bibwewadi, Bopodi and Karve road to provide in patient services. We are planning to cater to more areas in Pune so as to increase awareness about mental illness and provide individuals with better services.