Support Groups

1- Oncology and Hematology Support Group

DBSMH - CGC holds a support group for families of individuals suffering from cancer once every 2 months on the first Saturday at the Child Guidance Center on Prabhat Road. Doctors, health care providers and other expert speakers are invited to share their knowledge and expertise in the area of cancer which is followed by a question and answer session in the end. These support groups are aimed at developing interpersonal relationship amongst each other, sharing coping skills and strategies to battle the disease, gaining up to date information about the illness and helping with recuperation. This group began as an initiative to bring together families who undergo the same assembly of problems and to help them endure.


2- Breast Friends Support Group

This support group began in late 2010 as a support group for women who are battling with or have survived Breast Cancer. The management of breast cancer involves several stages and specialists. These range from screening services and early diagnosis to actual treatment and finally rehabilitation both physical and psychological. During the sessions, various lectures are held, different activities are carried out, along with an exchange and sharing of emotions, information and experiences.
Lectures were held on topics such as-

  • Advances in cancer treatment and research
  • Prosthetics
  • Diet
  • Psychoneuroimmunology
  • Lymphoedema
  • Ayurveda
  • Hair and nail care

Some of the activities that were conducted are on ‘Yoga’, ‘Drum Circle’, ‘Fitness through exercise’, ‘Makeovers, cooking and diya-making’ and ‘Crochet’.


3- H.U.G.S Support Group

H.U.G.S – Help Us Give Support, which started in October 2011, is an initiative that helps provide a space for queer women (LBT) to connect, share and express their thoughts and feelings. It is a closed support group, only in Pune. The support group meetings are held on the fourth Saturdays of every month from 11 00 am to 12 30 pm.
The support group aims to provide:-

  • Professional mental and emotional health care and support to the members as well as their family and friends
  • Help build a Social Connection
  • Encourage better Coping Skills
  • Stress Relief
  • Emotional Support